Sweet profit in stingless bee farms

sweet profit in stingless bee farm

SERDANG: Malaysia has taken the initiative to develop kelulut honey as a superfood, said Mardi director-general Datuk Dr Sharif Haron.

He said the honey which comes from stingless bees, or meliponines, contains up to 10 times more antioxidants than regular honey.

“That makes it a superfood,” he said, adding that the high amounts of nutrients and antioxidants in such products were claimed to be beneficial for health.

The Malaysian Agricultural Re­­search and Development Institute’s initiative included developing Malaysia’s own benchmark for kelulut honey by June next year.

Dr Sharif said the benchmark would help guarantee its quality as a premium product for local and export markets.

According to him, there was a huge export market for the honey as a superfood. Continue reading “Sweet profit in stingless bee farms”