Northern Corridor can contribute to 37% of padi output – The Star Online

nrtherncorridorredzab4KORIDOR Utara is projected to contribute 37% of the national padi production in 2015 and increase the figure by 2% in 2020.“The nation is currently at 70% self-sufficiency level with the average yield of 4.2 tonnes per ha.

“Our goal is to achieve a yield of eight tonnes per ha in the northern region by 2020 to continue contributing to the nation’s food security agenda,” said Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (NCIA) chief executive Datuk Redza Rafiq.

Koridor Utara, the Northern Corridor Economic Region, is the largest rice producer in the country.

Its main goal is to realise the region as a zone of modern food production in order to improve the income and living standards of farmers.

“This goal can be achieved if we produce on a commercial scale by using modern agricultural technology, provide the buy-back structure and encourage investment from the local and international private sector,” said Redza. Continue reading “Northern Corridor can contribute to 37% of padi output – The Star Online”