Terbitan Baru MARDI – Durio of Malaysia

By Dr Salma Idris
ISBN 978-967-936-572-6
Price: RM40.00
Pages: 167

This book contains a complete overview of the occurrence, distribution, status of genetic resources and the taxonomic description of all the 24 species of Durio available in the country. The photographs of the tree, trunk, leaf, flower and fruit are shown if available while herbarium specimens are illustrated for other species. Botanical terms are explained in the glossary or illustrated with drawings for reference.


  • Introduction
  • Genetic resources
  • The genus Durio
  • Key to Durio species in Malaysia
  • Species descriptions
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix: Specimens examined
  • Glossary: Botanical names
  • Index: Scientific names
  • Index: Vernacular names

Contact Details

Email: booksale@mardi.gov.my
Fax: 03-8943 1654
Tel: 03-8943 7128


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